Grammar pet peeves

I confess: I have a few grammar pet peeves.  Perhaps I am a bit of a grammar stickler, but poor grammar hurts communication, even when you are just sending an e-mail.  Here are  couple of my pet peeves to watch out for:

  • Misusing the word “literally.”  A television commercial is on regularly that tells me how money is literally flying out my door.  In fact, my money is in my wallet.  It’s no where near the door.
  • Confusing idea with ideal.  An idea is a thought or plan of action.  An ideal is “a conception of perfection,” according to
  • Interchanging affect and effect.  Affect is a verb (The change is affecting her greatly) while effect is a noun (The effect of the change impacted her life).

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  1. Grammar pet peeves bug me, but so do pronunciation pet peeves. Check out these Top 40 Pronunciation Pet Peeves, but warning… you may cringe on a few that you mispronounce.

  2. stacey wrote:

    Excellent resource on pronunciation. I have many of the same pet peeves for pronunciation as well. I try to be correct in speech, but I know I have some local twangs as well! Thanks for sharing!