Getting to know you…

I’m looking forward to getting to know you through this blog.  I’ll share information about what I’m working on and include tips about writing and marketing.

As a freelance journalist and copywriter, most of my time is spent alone with my computer in my office.  I’ll use this blog to keep you connected to what I’m doing and hopefully help you out with ideas and tips along the way.

I’m constantly learning new things in my work and am happy to share them with others.  Take some time, browse around and leave plenty of comments.

See you on the blog!

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  1. Mike Ashby wrote:

    Stacey, I look forward to following your blog and learning some helpful hints. Your are a gifted person….thanks for sharing your knowlege.

  2. Linda Houk wrote:

    Stacey, I fell in love with the opening photo and immediately thought of the peace that lake in TN has brought to us over the years. I look forward to checking out this site and seeing what you are doing. Good Job!!!!